How to Fake Glowing Skin

My face is oily and while some people may believe this gives me the advantage of having naturally glowing skin, this is not the case (something like a greasy frying pan would be more accurate).

So while my skin is oily, I do not like a flat matte finish as it tends to make my skin look dull. Instead I like to use mattifying products, then use brightening and radiant powders on top of my foundation to create the illusion of glowing skin while keeping the oils at bay.

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So here are my top picks for faking glowing skin

This is a sheer liquid illuminator which has a light golden sheen to it. I like to mix this in with my foundations and it gives a natural luminosity to any foundation without being glittery or noticeable. A little goes a long way so this product will last for ages and the sleek squeezy tube makes it easy to distribute the amount of product required. For an extra glow, this can be dabbed on the cheekbones and high points of the face. I even like to wear this alone on days where I don’t wear makeup as it gives the most natural glow.

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I’ve touched on this product briefly in my Top 5 High-End Makeup post, but this is an essential in creating glowly airbrush skin. This is a finishing powder (not setting powder; dry skin girls can use this as a setting powder but for more oil control use a separate one) that is lightly dusted over the skin as a final step. These pearls just give the most beautiful natural luminosity to the skin, and just airbrush everything. These are expensive but it would honestly last you a very long time (I’ve had mine for over 2 years with everyday application) and they just make the biggest difference.

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I have the Ambient Lighting Edit Limited Edition Palette which includes two of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders in ‘Dim Light’ and ‘Diffused Light’. The concept of these are very similar to the Guerlain Pearls which are finishing powders that offer a natural luminous glow. I personally love both products equally, but only one of the powders is needed and depending on my mood I’ll either use the Guerlain or Hourglass. This powder gives the skin a smooth and radiant finish, and the powder is so finely milled and luxurious. The hourglass powder is slightly cheaper than the Guerlain pearls, and they both work beautifully.

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For extra glowing skin, I like to use Soft and Gentle to highlight focus points (cheekbones, chin, a bit on the forehead and tip of the nose). Soft and Gentle is a champagne beige highlighter which gives a peachy golden sheen to the skin.

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So that concludes my top products for faking glowing skin. What are some of your personal favourites?


MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden | Subtle Definition

MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden ($39) is described as a muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer.


For everyday wear, I like to add subtle definition to my cheeks and my face without looking like I’m overdone. When I first came across this bronzing powder and swatched it in store, there wasn’t much colour payoff and I was concerned that it would not show up on my olive NC35 skin. However the SA insisted that this would be the perfect subtle bronzer shade so I purchased it..


And I’m so glad that I did! As you can see, it adds subtle definition to the face without looking unnatural. Because this bronzer has slight golden shimmer, it blends and looks more natural on the skin. I love how it isn’t so pigmented because it means it is foolproof (especially for a bronzing amateur like me) because the bronzer has to be built up for it to show on the skin which means you won’t be left with a dark muddy streaky line across your face. Also it is worth the investment because this bronzer will last you for ages.

Overall rating: A+, definitely recommend this for girls who are not confident with contouring or girls who want subtle definition for everyday wear. This shade is perfect for girls with lighter and medium olive skintone (girls who are darker may prefer the shade ‘bronze’ or ‘refined gold’)

Disclaimer: Product was purchased with my own money. All opinions and reviews are my own

5 Things I’ve Learned In My Teenage Years

So today’s post is a bit different. I will be turning 21 tomorrow (Nov 21st), and while it is goodbye to my adolescent years and hello adulthood, I thought I would get all sentimental and reflect on the things that have contributed to my journey and who I am today.

So here are a few things I have learnt, and some life lessons that I grasp the concept of now as opposed to my teenage years. This will be a long one, so I do appreciate anyone who is taking time out of their day to read this 

1. You can’t love someone until you love yourself

When I first read this quote in my teenage years, I thought this quote was quite frankly, ridiculous. I mean of course I can love someone unconditionally even though I despised myself. I thought I was living proof of that because I truly ‘loved’ someone despite all of their flaws and how badly I was being treated.

Let’s just say I learnt this lesson the hard way; ‘The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.’ I viewed myself poorly, therefore I overcompensated because I was deprived of love. I mean I didn’t even like myself, so I thought that if I loved someone and would stick by them no matter how toxic the relationship was, that in return they would love me just as much back. But all I was doing was trying to compensate for the amount of love and respect I didn’t have for myself, and I was dependent on someone else to fill that void and to be responsible for my happiness. When you love yourself, your love is unconditional which means it doesn’t come from a place of insecurity and therefore you don’t allow someone else to dictate how much you value yourself.

2. Invest in yourself

This idea also ties into the concept of seeing yourself as high value. While it is important to develop meaningful relationships, the reality is that circumstances change and people will enter and exit out of your life so please don’t forget to invest in someone who will always be there for you, yourself. Do things you love, pursue and work towards your goals and make mistakes, because these things will help your development/growth in life. While it is important to develop meaningful and intimate relationships whether it is with a partner, friends or family, realize that the relationship with yourself will have an impact on all other relationships so invest in yourself in every aspect.

3. Your only limitation is you

Each individual person sees the world from their own point of view, through their own eyes, through their own perspectives which are shaped by their own experiences and personal beliefs. So when one person tells you that you are not good/smart/pretty/capable/qualified enough, realize that it is from their own perspective, and in no shape or form defines what you are or what you’re capable of. Do not allow one person’s opinion define or change your outlook on yourself, because ultimately that would mean valuing their own views and opinion over your own about yourself. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

4. Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already

In theory I know that it’s okay not to have a clue about what I want to do or where I am going in life at the moment, but reality is I am quite nervous about turning 21 even though I know I am still young. But sometimes I just can’t help but feel that I should be more accomplished so this is why this quote is a great reminder that it is totally normal and okay to not have everything figured out and set in stone. Reality is things are constantly changing, so it’s okay that I don’t have everything figured out at the moment but as long as I am open to new experiences and trying new things and learning about myself, then I am making progress.

5. Indecision is a decision to stay stuck

I admit being indecisive is still something I am trying to work on, but something my lecturer said to me really resonated with me. So in a traditional ice breaker game in my first year of studying Psychology at university, the lecturer had instructed students to list 5 words that described yourself. Of course I wrote down ‘indecisive’ and when I had said that word out loud, his immediate response was that indecision is a decision to stay stuck. Naturally I was embarrassed but I am grateful because now I am trying to make a conscious effort not to be indecisive. I guess indecision comes from a place of being unsure of my own thoughts but being a good decision maker is an attribute that will get you far along in life.

If you guys have made it through, I appreciate that so much. I hope you guys enjoyed this different but more personal post, and if you have any lessons to share I would be really grateful to hear those. 

Top 5 | Drugstore Complexion

Today’s Top 5 post will be dedicated to drugstore makeup, specifically complexion products. As I love a vast of drugstore items I simply couldn’t narrow it to 5 products so I decided to do a Top 5 for each category.

For reference, I have combination acne-prone skin 

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The original healthy mix foundation is geared towards combination/oily skin (the serum version is for dry skin), and what I love about this foundation is that it provides medium coverage while still looking natural and feeling light on the skin. It does not have a flat matte finish, but instead provides a natural healthy complexion without looking oily.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original FitME foundation, however after hearing they had introduced one geared towards oily skin I had to give it a try. This is the perfect everyday foundation because it provides light-medium coverage, and it is so easy to blend into the skin. Like the name suggests, it provides a matte and smooth finish but again it is not a flat matte finish (which I never look for regardless of my combination skin).

This foundation is medium-full coverage, but again it still feels and looks natural on the skin. I like to use this for special occasions as it has more coverage but it still controls my oil and has amazing lasting power. Not to mention it works great with flash photography.

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This powder has been compared to the MAC Studio Fix Powder, and I must say from using both I definitely prefer the Australis one. Firstly, this one is only $12.95 (sometimes on sale) compared to the $49.00 for MAC. Also, the MAC one did tend to break me out but I continued using it because I absolutely loved the finish of it, as a powder foundation and as a setting powder. Fortunately the Australis one gives me the same effect and it doesn’t break me out.

I absolutely love the Bourjous Healthy line, and the powder is no exception. Just like the liquid foundation, this works amazing on my combination skin as it keeps me matte but still looks healthy and radiant on the skin. I use this to set a lot of different foundations and it is amazing.

Hope you guys found this helpful, and my next Top 5 Drugstore will be dedicated to lip products!

Disclaimer: Product was purchased with my own money. All opinions and reviews are my own

MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe

Today I am excited to share a very close dupe of the ever so popular (and my personal HG lipstick),

MAC Velvet Teddy.

I’m wearing Velvet Teddy on the top lip and the dupe on the bottom lip, can you see a difference?


So the dupe I am talking about is from Wet ‘n’ Wild in shade ‘902C Bare it All’. Although this dupe isn’t readily available here in Australia, it can be easily found online (I personally bought mine off eBay, 3 for $15 from the beautyjoint eBay page (LINK)


Mac Velvet Teddy on the left, Bare it All on the right 

As you can see from the swatches Mac Velvet Teddy is slighty more brown whereas Bare it All has more pink, however on the lips they are pretty much identical. Both lipsticks are matte formulas, however Velvet Teddy has more slick and glides better on the lips (although Bare it All isn’t drying either). Also of course, the packaging of Bare it All makes it easy for the lipstick to scrape onto the sides however these cons are a small price to pay (literally and metaphorically) because the lipstick is so affordable and is a great dupe for anyone who doesn’t want to spend $36 on Velvet Teddy.


Makeup Removal | The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Today’s post will be centered around a product I have absolutely fallen in love with,

The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter – $22.95 


Makeup removal is an important step in a skincare routine that many people overlook, and I personally have tried many methods of removing my makeup including wipes, cleansing waters and cleansing oils. Personally, my preference is cleansing oils because it removes absolutely everything, including stubborn waterproof mascara without irritating or drying out your skin all in one simple step.

Now the one thing with cleansing oils is that it is a hassle to travel with, because there is always a chance of leakage but this is where The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter comes into play.

Description of the product from the website: This rich, sumptuous cleansing butter containing Community Fair Trade camomile and natural olive oil transforms into a soft, cushioning oil upon contact with skin to effectively and thoroughly remove all make-up, grime and other impurities from the skin. It leaves skin thoroughly cleansed, hydrated and feeling refreshed and pampered.


My review:

So this cleansing balm works exactly like a cleansing oil but of course it is in solid form. You only need a small amount and once you rub it into your hands it literally turns into the most luxurious and soft oil, which is placed onto a dry and make-up face. This oil melts away everything on your skin, and I mean everything because I wear waterproof mascara on a daily basis and it is the most stubborn thing to remove. After the oil has melted away the makeup, wet your hands and rub them into your skin which will emulsify the oil and turn into a milky cleanser which will remove and wash off easily without leaving your skin feeling oily. Instead, your skin is left feeling soft, refreshed and clean without feeling taut or irritated, all in one simple step. And of course, the fact that it is easy to travel with is a huge bonus. No longer do I have to feel anxious about oil leaking everywhere.

Overall rating: I love every aspect of this product, and I would highly highly suggest this product!


TOP 5 | High-End Makeup

I am an avid user and lover of drugstore makeup and while most of my collection consists of drugstore items, there are some makeup items that I don’t mind splurging on.

So today I will be sharing my top 5 items that are worth the splurge


This light version is great for combination/oily skin, and it definitely performs the best out of any primer that I have used in terms of controlling oil and longevity of my makeup. Although it is a bit pricey, you only need a pea-size amount so this bottle will last you a long time


To be honest this is definitely a luxury itemBUT I would keep repurchase this if I ran out. There are many variations of this product (different shades, new holiday editions) however they all generally serve the same purpose which is to correct and give an illuminating effect to the skin. This is not a setting powder but more like a final step of your makeup routine to airbrush everything. I love it and definitely do notice a difference in my skin when I don’t use it

This brow powder is HG status and I would literally be devastated without it. This brow powder has lasted me well over 2 years and I have only just made a dent (most of it was from me dropping it to be honest), and if I was to suggest only one product to purchase out of this whole list it would be this brow powder because it will change your brow-game. The shade I have is ‘Thunder’ and it’s a dark brown that doesn’t lean too red or too cool which is why it suits a lot of hair colours. This product gives you the fullest looking yet still natural looking brows and it lasts all day

This concealer is lightweight and has medium-full coverage. It covers pretty much anything  without looking cakey or creasing. It also has amazing staying power and a little goes a long way so this pot will definitely last you a while

If you were to purchase one high end lip product, I would definitely recommend the glossy stains. I have never really noticed a difference between high-end and drugstore lipsticks (in terms of formula), but the glossy stain formula is something else and cannot be replicated (the loreal caresse shine stain or the revlon moisture stain do not compare). So when you first apply it, it will feel like a thin lip gloss and once you layer the amount of coats you desire, it will turn into the most gorgeous opaque glossy colour. This will wear for a good couple of hours and once the glossiness wears off you will be left with a beautiful stain that is not drying nor patchy on the lips

Some honorable mentions


This primer is crazy expensive but I can understand why. This works on both oily and dry skin, and has great oil control and leaves the skin looking fresh and smooth. I personally love this just as much as the Smashbox but feel like the Smashbox is geared towards combination-oily skin which is what I have

I think every single person has heard about this lipstick which is why I didn’t put it in my Top 5, but Velvet Teddy is a gorgeous every day colour and worth the hype. On my medium-olive skintone, it is the perfect pink brown colour which brightens up my complexion. It is also matte but non-drying and it is honestly a challenge to try not to wear this every single day because I love it so much. Many girls own this lipstick so it definitely works on a range of skin tones.


Oil for Acne-Prone Skin | Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light

As someone with combination acne-prone skin, I avoided every single product that contained the word ‘oil’ as the amount of oil i accumulated during the day could be enough to fry an egg (ew). So the idea of using an oil on my face was to say the least, terrifying.

However, I’ve heard a lot of hype about a certain oil and on a whim I decided to purchase a small bottle to trial.

Let’s just say that I’ve officially been converted.. and my skin couldn’t be more thankful


Josie Maran Cosmetics – 100% Pure Argan Oil Light (15 ml for $23 or 50ml for $66)

Available at Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima and online here

FullSizeRender (3)

From the website: Lauded as the “liquid gold of Morrocco”, pure Argan Oil nourishes, hydrates and balances the skin. Loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this oil heals, conditions and protects skin, hair and nails. A truly versatile product, this lightweight version of the original is perfect for more humid or sticky situations.

I bought the ‘light’ version as my skin is combination/acne-prone and I use this day and night; 2 drops during the day and 3 drops at night time. It does not leave my skin feeling oily or tacky and sits perfectly under makeup. I’ve been using this oil for about a month now and I definitely see a huge difference in my skin which has made this oil HG status.

The overall texture of my skin has changed; it is smoother, brighter and more plump. I have also noticed a difference in my acne scars as it has lightened them. But the biggest difference for me is definitely the fact that this oil makes my skin LESS oily, which sounds counterintuitive but can be explained here.

Overall Rating: A+ and HG status


Best Sunscreen Ever | Combination Dehydrated Acne-Prone Skin

When it comes to using sunscreen, the three things I absolutely detest are: greasiness, a white cast and the horrendous scent of sunscreen itself 

And after years of searching, I have finally found a sunscreen which I absolutely love and look forward to using instead of feeling like it’s an obligatory step


Mecca Cosmetica – To Save Face SPF 30+ (30ml for $15 or 100ml for $38)

Available at Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima and online here 


From the website: The original beauty sunscreen, To Save Face SPF 30 Facial Sunscreen, provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays in a hydrating matte finish cream. Containing SPF 30 with hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract and vitamin E in a non-oily and non-whitening formula, this weightless SPF formula acts as the perfect makeup base while preventing premature ageing caused by the damaging effects of the sun.

I purchased the small size to trial first, and this is perfect to test whether the sunscreen works for you before making a big commitment. The description of the sunscreen definitely lives up to its claims, as it is hydrating yet non-greasy, does not leave a white cast and sits perfectly under makeup. The sunscreen itself is a lightweight gel texture, and has a pleasant fresh floral scent


Overall Rating: A+ and definitely recommended